Weekly Quick Notes: Two-Lane Blacktop, The Warriors

The Story of Film: An Odyssey & Subjective vs. Objective

Visual Storytelling & Interrogating Revenge in Blue Ruin

Inside Out: The Importance of Sadness in Childhood Emotional & Psychological Development

Dressed to Kill: Brian De Palma, Hitchcock, and Sexuality

The Fountainhead: A Portrait of Ayn Rand's Objectivism

The Host: South Korea's Crisis of National Identity

Jurassic World & The Extinction of the Power of Spectacle

Rebecca vs. The Birds & Hitchcock's Superegoic Romance

Unpacking Jodorowsky's Climb Up The Holy Mountain

Tomorrowland & the Importance of Perspective

Happy Together: Hong Kong Romantic Expressionism

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me & David Lynch's Duality

Blackhat: Michael Mann's Ethics in the Digital World

On the Beach & Historical Science Fiction Dystopias